About Woocommerce

Woocommerce, or as we call Woo, is going to be your most used software. You are going to use it on a daily basis. So it is critical to understand it fully.

Here comes the orders, and here you can edit any order, subscription, or login details to our site of our customers. Here you can see customer reviews too. Let’s see how it looks, if you want to edit orders:

Our standard rules for orders

As any business, we have our own rules too. We prefer to use them always. It is mandatory to have a common view and everyone be able to speak the common language.

So we use the following group actions, folders for managing orders. Some of them must be familiar to you from the previous vide tutorial.

 in-process: placed orders are here, you need to make sure that the address is correct and check whether there is one order or more under a customer’s name (if there are several orders, call the customer and discuss if he/she needs every order or he/she accidently ordered several times)

 payment in progress: renewable subscriptions are in this folder

 trash: deleted orders

 completed: shipped orders

 refunded: used the CricksyDog guaranty, we refunded the purchase price

 returns: unsuccessful delivery, need to call the customer and ask what happened

By clicking on the order number and name, we can see and modify the customer and the order details. By clicking on the eye (which is next to the name of the customer), you can also see the details but cannot modify them. So the eye is just kind of quick view.

Modification orders

As you have seen in the video, you are able to modify Woocommerce orders too. But here are our standard rules, which are more strict. You must always follow them!

Status must always be payment in progress if you want to change any order. If it is completed, then you can not change it. If it is waiting for payment, then make it to payment in progress. Then you can change it. 

 Address, phone number, email address can be modified by clicking the pencil.

 After choosing add items button, you can add or delete a product, the totals must always be calculated to be correct. So you need to double check it. In the Woo sometimes the VAT is not calculated properly if you edit it manually. If you are not sure about anything, always ask!

If you are done with any modification, the order status must be changed back to in-process!

Modification subscriptions

As orders, we can change subscriptions too. Just you can find them in Woo not under orders, but under subscriptions tab. The customers if subscribe, they get 10% discount.

It can be set for specific products, we will send the package automatically according to the selected frequency, they can cancel it at any time, customer can change the product, the frequency of shipping, the delivery address in his/her own account.

– active: subscription is constantly renewed

– name, products

– subscription start date

– frequency of subscription

– date of last shipment

– adding and deleting a product works the same as for orders

– date of shipping is changed here, 2/3/4/5/6 daily/weekly/monthly/yearly


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