eco-friendly superfood for dogs

CricksyDog as a superfood

More energy

Protein content optimised for your dog, so he/she never runs out of anything. It varies between 18-36% in our foods, depending on the dogs’ lifestyle.


Snapping happiness

There is no vital vitamin that is not in our diets. We don’t just put vitamin C in our product, because it sounds good. We only use ingredients that your dog really needs.


We insect protein based dog foods too

Our insect protein based dog foods require 10 times less water to produce 1 kg dog food compare to the original beef ones. There are 100s of more reasons why we choose insects!



All of our products are made in the name of saving our eco-system. Recycling packaging materials, eco-friendly ingredients, and carbon-free home delivery!

GMO free

We have also introduced new GMO-free products so that the four-legged member of the family can receive the same care as the owner!

With love for dogs

As a European dog keeper, there can be no question of giving the best to European dogs! From our normal to the insect protein based one, they all contain the same love!

About us

In 2017 CricksyDog was founded. With the aim of giving only the best food to dogs. Our mission is to make every dog happy and energetic. But on the other hand create products that do not kill our our eco-system. Since 2019, we are available in all EU countries!

We are most proud of our insect protein based dog foods and snack. But we have general and hypoallergenic dog foods as well. Even though the dogs are part of the family in many homes, they can have a huge global footprint. We believe that the change can happen even with the smallest ones. If they eat bugs, and have zero, or minimal global footprint, that can make us humans, to act in this way as well.

That is not enough to have produce eco-friendly, sustainable products. People most buy it too, if we want to see change in the world. Here comes the CricksyDog in the picture. Cricket + Dog = CricksyDog.

Do you have a question? Feel free to ask us. We will definitely reply within 1-2 working days!

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