What to do if the customer doesn’t take their package

There are times when the customers just order but do not take their package from the courrier company. There are cases when even they pay for it and still doesn’t want their goods. It is bad for us and bad for them too.

Usually it is based on some small problems. There are cases when the customer just doesn’t like the courrier company, forget to order, left the house, etc… the reasons can be a huge variety. Because these are people who are very close to try our dog food (or even has orderd already multiple times), we never let them loose!

Here is our returned products management protocol. You always must to do the following steps before we can quit that customer! If you can not reach via phone for the customer for the first time, then you can try with email too. But at least for 5 days in a row you must call him every day to get to know the reasons behind.

If the customer still doesnt want the goods, then you need to make táblázat / státusz változtatás?

We are always solution finders and there is almost no case which we can not solve!