Baselinker for Fulfilment

We rent a warehouse in Poland, where our goods are stored. The storage and fulfilment is provided via a polish company, called Alfap. They put our dog food into paper boxes then give them to the DPD or InPost. Based on what and how the customer has ordered from us.

Every order which comes into our system till 12 o’clock must be delivered the next working day. This Baselinker cloud based system is for Alfap to see our orders. The guys from Alfap can not log in into our Woo site, but they can see the orders in Baselinker.

The good news is, when you change the status of the order in Baselinker, it will change in the Woo too. Let’s see how Baselinker works:

Problem solving in Baselinker

Change of order statuses

As you see Baselinker has many functions but we use only the most basic ones. The orders. The guys from Alfap can change the order statuses in Baselinker. The followngs are:


  • completed: order successfully delivered
  • returned: customer didn’t take the goods
  • error: address is not completed
  • cancel: if we do not want to send that order we can not delete it, but we can use the following status