Why do we use Metrilo?

We use the cloud based system, called Metrilo, for managing our customers. And add additional information to all of them. Please read more about Metrilo, and why is it important to have in the following link: https://www.metrilo.com/ecommerce-crm

Here we analyse, and understand the behaviour of our customers.

You are going to use Metrilo for the following tasks:

  • only for outgoing calls will you use Metrilo
  • you are going to see here customer’s past orders
  • you can filter here customers (it is important if lets say we want to see and call only people who has a puppy)
  • you are gonig to add tags, as notes to our customers

Tags in Metrilo

The following tags are super important! So make no mistake, if you not do it right, soon we are going to have a huge problem. If you are unsure in anything, please always ask us. If you use one tag, like date in our format, you always have to use it like that. Or else we are going to have similar tag which makes everything a mess.

We like everything neat and clean, and we require that from you too! Soon you are going to learn more about the system in use.

• Date: the time of the call

• Called: Have I called them or not?

• Bought: Dog food was bought/ordered

• Going to buy: Customer mentioned it clearly that he/she is planning to buy dog food

• Good: the food is great, but the customer did not mention if he/she is going to buy it again, or he/she is not entirely sure; for another reason he/she is not going to order anymore, but were satisfied with the product

• Not good: the dog food is not good, did not work for them

• Wrong number: no phone number given, wrong number

Learn more about it

Metrilo has their own training materials. So please check those too. Here is the list about most important ones: