Welcome to the Customer Service Module

In this module we are going through the most common customer questions and needs. If you have a dog too, then most of the questions won’t be new for you. But still keep in mind that the customer needs are always our #1 priority.

We always try to give them as detailed answer as possible. Satisfied dog, satisfied customer is what we need. And we can achieve it the easiest if the dog keeps eating our food and get healthier and happier by time!

We wouldn’t know most of the following issues if we do not call directly our customers. In most of the time they do not complain, just do not order again. But this means for us that there is a problem. No order, not satisfied dog and/or parent. If they are satisfied, they should order. So that’s why we proactively go after them, and help to solve this problems. In 90% these problems are not major ones at all. Just the customers are uncertain and give up. But we are here to help them no matter what.

Most common issues while feeding their dogs

Now we are going to see the most common scenearios when it seems that our dog food just doesn’t want to fit their dogs. Many customer in that time just want to give up. But we must help them get through it to in long term enjoy the benefits of our dog food!

Here you will see in the title main issues. Then sub-issues in subsctions, and directly solutions after them. All main issues can be separated to smaller ones. All smaller ones can be solved!

Please keep in mind, that we always try to find a solution to our customers!

“the dog doesn’t eat the food”

Is the kibble size too large? ordered the wrong size; extra small dogs -> soaking
The dog doesn’t eat any kind of kibble – mixing with something else, such as canned food, etc.
The dog eats every kibble but not this one: transition period should be maintained, gradually introduce this dog food; recommend other flavours; applying the starvation method


“the dog has diarrhea/vomits”

was there a habituation period? if not, it could happen due to sudden change of dog food -> habituation
Is it possible that the dog is allergic to any of the ingredients? should offer another dog food


“the size of the kibble is wrong”

Did they order the correct size for their dog? What breed? What the dog has been eating before? etc. -> soaking, offer another size


“the dog is allergic to the food”

did they order the hypoallergenic ones? if not, recommend that
How long has the dog been eating that food? it takes 6-8 weeks for the allergen to disappear from the dog’s body
Were there allergic symptoms before eating the dog food or the symptoms appeared right after consuming the product? if there weren’t any symptoms before and it is 100% sure that symptoms were caused by the dog food then recommend other type of dog food (Insect protein!)


“for the sake of variety, we always buy a different one”

offer another flavour
offer canned food
offer flavours that were tried before, but it was “long ago”


“it was only a trial package”

Did the dog enjoyed it? buy a larger package
The dog didn’t like it: recommend other flavours, other type of dog food (canned food)


“we use the barf feeding method/we cook for our dog”

recommend canned dog food as a supplement
canned food for traveling


“I’ve forgot where I ordered it from”

you can also place your order by phone
give them the website address


“we’ve bought it only once, because it is too expensive”

can get a discount
can pre-order/subscribe
can get a gift with your order


“we have already set up the subscription”

is everything OK
should we change the interval
should we change the type of dog food
do they need anything else now?


“we are thinking about getting a subscription”

feel free to do that, we can change anything at any time as they wish
can be cancelled any time, no need for commitment


“we would like to try a new flavour, is there a trial package?”

there is no trial package, but there is product warranty
3 kg package with a discount