Welcome at CricksyDog

Welcome in the very first module. Here you are going to learn more about the categorisation of the breeds of the dogs.

After the whole training program you are going to be  a ‘dog food counselor of CricksyDog’.

So let’s get started!

If you are unsure about how does that special breed of dog look like please always google it. We have just categorised the most common dog breeds, but it is your extra job to know how which dog looks like. Probably you are familiar with most of them. If you are unsure about anything please always try to find the answer by yourself in this training module. Thank you!

For reference you can always check our english site, cricksydog.com. There you can find infos about all of our products.

Categorising dogs by our products

Here you are gonig to read about categorising of dogs. For all size of dogs we suggest our product range. We have 3 main product ranges. For small sized dogs we sugget our Juliet dog foods, for medium-big sized dogs we suggest our Ted dog foods. For puppys we suggest our Chucky dog foods.

The rest of our products are good for all kind of dogs. If in your country we do not sell some of them do not worry, sooner or later we will have a full range of products there too!

So after the size of the dogs you can see our best suggestion. The main difference between our Juliet and Ted products is just the size of them. Juliet kibbles are much smaller than the Ted ones.

Please read more about our dog foods in the following links:

Ted products: https://cricksydog.com/teds-favourites/

Juliet products: https://cricksydog.com/juliets-favourites/

Please read the whole website. It is full of important informations about us!

Categorising dogs by their size


Extra small dogs: ca. 3 kg –> JULIET

• Yorkshire terrier
• Maltese
• Pomeranian
• Chihuahua


Small dogs: ca. 4-12 kg –> JULIET

• Dachshund
• French bulldog (typically they eat TED, but must be asked beforehand)
• Fox Terrier
• Spaniel
• Westie
• Whippet


Medium sized dogs: ca. 13-30 kg –> JULIET/TED

• Puli
• Bullterrier
• Husky
• Poodle
• Pumi
• Dalmatian


Large dogs: ca. 31-45 kg –> TED

• Boxer
• Giant Schnauzer
• Retriever/Vizsla
• Greyhound
• Setter
• Bulldogs


Giant dogs: above 45 kg –> TED

• German Shepherd
• Rottweiler
• Bernese Mountain Dog
• Mastiffs
• Komondor

Dog breeds where we should ask the exact size

Schnauzers: miniature – medium – large/giant
• Poodles: toy – miniature – medium – large/giant
• Hounds: Italian -> English mini (Whippet) -> English, Hungarian, Arabic -> Russian

Read more about them

To get the complete view of dogs, please read more about them in the following article: