Password management

For security reasons we use everywhere if possible two factor authentication. It means that after you type your user name and password, you get an email too with a security code. Then you need to type it too.

But on top of that we prefer the long and complicated passwords. Online viruses like to hack sites and it can fatal in every case. That’s why we create all the passwords you need, and you need to install online to your browser the Bitwarden software.

Here is a tutorial of it:

How to use it?

In one of your first emails from use you will get a username and password for Bitwarden. After you have installed it in your browser, when you want to log in one of our site, you will see saved passwords. So you just use them and you are ready to go!

Important note: the password which we send you in email you never should save in your computer! It is mandatory to delete the email and write it down in a piece of paper! 

This pasword is extremly important. But this is the only one which you need to know while you are working with us!